Tech Debates: PC Gaming or Consoles?

It is one of the debates that has shown no signs of going away – the PC vs console debate. If you were to talk to gamers, you are going to get some heated opinions on whether computers are better for gaming than consoles – or vice versa.

Why is the Debate So Contentious?

Judging by the gaming community, being happy with the choice that you made is not enough for most people. Gamers not only want to enjoy the system they chose for playing games, but they want people to acknowledge that it is the best.

It is the reason why this debate is not going away. You still have people get into heated arguments about whether they should be getting a PC for gaming or a console. And since the debate is still alive, we are going to take a short crack at it!

Gaming: Better on PCs or Consoles?

The beauty of this debate is that it does not have a right answer. If you are someone who has a lot of disposable income and you want to get into gaming, you have a lot of choice. If you are also someone who mostly plays games on their own, we would recommend that you go with a PC.

A positive of PC gaming is that you can spend a lot of money on the very best hardware. With a top notch PC with a high end CPU and graphics card, you are playing almost every game at the max settings. You can even get a 2K or 4K monitor and play on those resolutions. It will look stunning.

Where consoles shine is for budget or friend-oriented gaming. If you want to play casual games with friends at home, a console is so much easier to handle. It plugs into the TV easily and it is fairly portable too.

Consoles are also ideal for gaming on a budget, as the best console on the market is only $500. It will not give you the quality of a high end PC, but it will give you more gaming performance than a PC in the same price range!